Is social media your main student engagement or alumni relations tool?

Suppose you are responsible for student engagement or alumni relations. Chances are that you’ve placed your bet on social media as the primary way to drive engagement—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tiktok, the usual suspects. When you post on these platforms, you expect that all of your audience will see and engage with your post. Unfortunately, the reality is that these social media channels are in the advertising business. So unless you pay to advertise, promote, sponsor, boost (or however else it might be called), only a tiny portion of your total audience will see your posts. Not to mention, social media can be very noisy, which might cause your posts to fall through the cracks and go unseen. Nevertheless, social media should continue to play a role in your engagement ecosystem—just in a different way.

CampusLush complements your social media efforts by serving as the go-to platform that your future, current, and past students can use to discover all campus events, resources, and organizations that meet their interests. Your campus organizations can post events and programs on our easy-to-use, consolidated platform. CampusLush will automatically notify and remind attendees of upcoming events, so they’ll always be in the know—one less task for you to worry about. Organizations and attendees can also share events directly to their social media pages, naturally allowing your school to reach more students without any additional effort.

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