CampusLush fuels alumni associations

Accessibility is crucial to every alumni community’s success.

The challenge

There is no doubt that students have much pride in their school, but keeping them engaged can be challenging after transitioning to alumni. Alumni associations have invested in developing local chapters, affinity groups, and programs that are designed to help increase alumni participation. These are all the right strategies, but what is missing is accessibility. While social media and associated websites are the status quo, they are either too noisy or lack the engagement tools alumni need.

The solution

CampusLush delivers a consolidated experience where alumni can feel connected to their school, organizations, and campus community, but on their terms. We know alumni live busy lives, so we’ve made it convenient, simple, and frictionless to help alumni stay engaged. The cost of investing in your alumni engagement can be felt across student recruitment, mentoring, career advancement opportunities, professional development, partnerships, alumni donations, and more. There has never been a better time to reenergize your alumni than now.

85% of alumni would donate more often if they knew their money was funding organizations or initiatives they were part of.
Students, alumni, and administrators agree: Data-driven communications make a difference, Ellucian 2018

Connect Your Alumni Where They Are 

Attract More Alumni

Alumni play a significant role in continuing the commitment and mission of their school. With CampusLush, you will make your alumni community more accessible and attract more alumni to participate in events and programs by increasing their level of awareness. 

Give Alumni Tools To Engage

CampusLush helps you deepen the relationship your alumni have with the school. Giving them the tools to follow alumni groups and be notified of upcoming events will keep them connected and engaged. 

Keep Alumni Part Of The Community

Alumni are the backbone of colleges and universities. Allow your alumni community to feel better supported by the association and the school by giving them access to the available resources. Alumni can count on CampusLush as the go-to for easy access, discovery, and connections to your school.

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